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Saving Money with Insulated Garage Doors

You might be asking, why should I insulate my garage door? Well you’ve insulated your walls, you’ve insulated the attic and now you’re summer secure.

Saving Money with Insulated Garage Doors Phoenix

You might be asking, why should I insulate my garage door?  Well you’ve insulated your walls, you’ve insulated the attic and now you’re summer secure.  Or are you?  One of the largest panels in your home is your garage door.  Insulating your garage door can save you money.  We all know with the hot summers here in the greater Phoenix area.  We pay dearly to keep the house cool and pleasant every month with our electricity bill.  Many garage door companies sell garage doors with insulation.  If you’re house doesn’t already have an insulated garage door you can have professionals come and install it, or it can be a weekend do-it-yourself project.  In addition to cutting down on your energy bills an insulted garage door blocks out noise from outside, or keeps the noise in if you have a hobby that tends to get loud like a garage band or woodworking.

Your local Phoenix garage door sales and installation company typically sells garage doors with insulation because as the experts they know that the financial benefits of insulated garage doors is significant.

New Option for Insulated Garage Doors

New Insulated Garage Door Costs – Generally speaking manufacturers and installers that offer insulated garage door options are of a higher quality and have your long-term savings in mind.  The cost of purchasing an insulated garage door over your cheaper un-insulated garage door can be as little as $100 dollars.  Premium styles and quality will cost a little more, but when you are investing money into your property you will sleep well knowing that a garage door upgrade is one of the sure fire home improvements  that pay off if you decide to put your house on the market.

New Insulated Garage Door R-Values – Between manufactures, styles, materials and other variables you’ll find that new garage door insulation R-values can vary greatly.  Some manufactures claim between R-values of 15-17.  These numbers end up being an average of the overall door and can be misleading because the actual insulating performance of the door can be reliant on how well your garage door, and garage, is sealed in general.  In fact how much air is getting out, or in, is more important that the R-values.

Kits for the Un-insulated Garage Door

Foam, Fiberglass, Polystyrene and Polyurethane are different materials you will run into when you are shopping for kits to do-it-yourself.  You can take the selection and installation process on yourself or you can hire a professional to come out and help you find the most cost effective solution that will give you the heating/cooling edge, plus a quieter garage if you spend time working on cars or other projects.

When buying one of these kits there are usually instructions that come with the kit and you’ll just follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to the type of fastening system.  Many utilize various kinds of adhesives, fasteners, clips and tapes.  The difficulty really just depends on the  type of system and your aptitude with working with your hands.

Reviews of Garage Door Insulation

Insulated garage doors and DYI garage door kits are not currently being rated by Energy Star or similar rating companies so your most reliable source of information are reviews for products people have already bought or installed at their house.

New Insulated Garage Doors

JP – Scottsdale, AZ
For a plain type of door it was the best type of door I could have bought.  It was insulated well and the exterior finish was excellent.  If you spend time in your garage being comfortable in the hot summer or the freezing winters insulation ends up as a must!  For me it seemed too dangerous to install on my own and hired a professional to do it.  The door paid for itself in energy savings for me.

Michelle – Mesa, AZ
Very well insulated great looking doors that are very well insulated.
Functional, high quality, easy to have installed, beautiful appearance and well made.

Dennis R. – Gilbert, AZ
Our door was delivered and installed ahead of schedule which was great because after our little accident with our old door I just sleep better at night knowing that the house is 100% secure.  It took the guys installing the door about 2 hours to get the job done.  The new door is a lot lighter than the old door and the insulation has made a huge difference already.

Garage Door Insulation Kits

Joe – Phoenix, AZ
The kit was easy to install, used a 3M double sided tape just to make sure that the insulation didn’t droop in harder to fasten area.  It made the garage door a little heavier but we are already feeling the difference in the temperature inside the garage.

Sue B. – Tempe, AZ
The insulation kit was easy enough to install and it’s staying in place.  I can already feel the difference in the coolness of my garage.  It was simple to install and I didn’t have to cut or trim the sections.  It’s not the most beautiful thing, but it is certainly doing it’s job.

John – Phoenix, AZ
Wish I had bought this sooner. It was easy to install with the pre-cut sections that fit my door.  The whole process too me less than an hour.  It cost me a bit but it’s already paying off with the AC going out in my garage as I use it as my man cave.

Cost Savings of Insulated Garage Doors

The savings you could rear really depend on a few factors.  If you just park your vehicle out in the garage and don’t spend much time out there, having a heat barrier will help your garage stay cooler and less radiant heat in your garage will mean less reaching the walls and door that lead into your house.

In contrast if you have a garage man cave or you like to do woodworking, building projects or automotive maintenance the savings you reap will be much higher as you either cool or heat that space.  The exact amount will depend on the house itself, the size of the garage door, how well that garage door is sealed and how much you use that space.  So it’s impossible to put a average savings as everyone is going to use the space differently.

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