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Patio Garage Doors

Enhance visibility & outdoor living spaces with patio garage doors. Residential overhead glass garage doors are trending in new builds & renovations.

Residential interior overhead glass garage doors are the latest home improvement fad. Have you already heard? They are a functional, inexpensive way to improve your home with a unique and attractive feature that will give you a ‘WOW’ factor when entering the space. Let’s take a look at how the addition of interior glass garage doors is setting the trend in home renovation projects this year.

Residential Roll Up Garage Doors with Windows

Residential interior glass garage doors are a great way to show that your home is ahead of the pack for design and functionality. In fact, installing a residential roll up garage door in your home can help to launch a whole new and modern look to your indoor living spaces and outdoor patio areas.

Think about how restaurants take full advantage of warm weather for increased sidewalk appeal and a sense of European class. By installing glass panel garage doors, a restaurant can effortlessly convert itself to a hive of pleasant noise, food, and summer socializing.

Patio Glass Garage Doors

Recently, interior designers & home builders have discovered that the same chic appeal can be easily installed into older homes or new builds.

The overhead glass windows let in beautiful natural light, somewhat like a sliding glass patio door or large-pane window does. With classy window pane separation colors, the smaller garage door panes can be an attractive focal point in the indoor living space when the door is closed.

When opened, the rolling garage door lets the party spill outside or lets the warm summer breezes fill your inside living areas with the beauty of your garden.

Roll Up Glass Garage Doors for Patio

Residential overhead garage doors come in a variety of colors, frame styles, and construction materials. Everything from vinyl, aluminum, steel and wood, with lots of window panes or a select and stylistically placed few. Opening and closing the door can be as simple as high-end push-button controls or manually push/pull. Additional insulation choices can be selected for the door, to increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

Can’t picture using a garage door as part of your patio or backyard layout? Imagine the dinner party is breaking up and you and your guests are looking forward to a pleasant evening by the pool in the backyard. As the dishes are being cleared off the table and the after-dinner drinks are being poured, imagine pushing a button and having the backyard expanse move from a beautiful view to an in-person experience! The ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ will rise, even as your more adventurous guests whip outside and splash into the pool!

Residential Overhead Glass Garage Doors

Overhead Patio Garage Door Installation Advantages

Let’s take a quick look at the great interior and exterior design advantages:
• Inside rooms will seem bigger whether the door is closed or open
• Small square footage houses can have ‘great room’ entertainment feel
• You can renovate your home for extra space without moving (or removing) interior walls
• Both your interior and exterior decor looks great whether the door is closed or open
• Imagine the special beauty of a master bedroom that can be opened up to the patio!
• Get the interior decoration focal point of a ‘window wall’ without the construction mess and expense
• Give your home a unique advantage when selling

Residential Overhead Glass Garage Doors

Interior garage doors are the rage. Get on board and imagine the possibilities! Here’s a home renovation project that is quick to complete, won’t break the bank, looks fantastic, and will set your home apart from every other home in your neighborhood.

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