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How to Extend Wifi to a Detached Garage

The Internet used to be quite uncommon only a few decades ago, and it was rare for people to have access to it at home or in business. Nowadays, the situation is vastly different and most people can access it.

The Internet used to be quite uncommon only a few decades ago, and it was rare for people to have access to it at home or in business. Nowadays, the situation is vastly different and most people can access it.

It has become so widespread that people are now thinking about extending wifi to another building. This tends to be the garage, as it’s separated from the home in most cases. The garage should be safe and with a proper closing door. You can check the cost of garage door repair or learn various garage door repair tips. However, there are many methods for how to get Internet in your garage, and we will explore them in detail in this article.

Problems With Getting Wifi to an Outbuilding

Because of the ability to take the Internet wherever we go, such as on our laptops and mobile phones, there has been an increased desire to enable Internet access in outbuildings.

How to Extend Wifi to a Detached Garage
How to Extend Wifi to a Detached Garage

With regard to people who need to extend wifi to detached garage, they do so because of how convenient it is to browse the web whilst working there. For example, if you’re working on your car, then you might need to look something up in the process.

The main problem with doing this is that garages don’t allow a good signal to penetrate the walls, and it can sometimes cause your Internet to cut out right in the middle of an activity. There are several reasons for this:

· A bad location.

· The wrong settings.

· Old hardware.

· Software updates needed.

· Interference from other equipment.

Sometimes the walls are composed of materials that actively deflect a wireless signal, and this can be another major problem.

How To Extend Wifi To Detached Garage

It is always a challenge to overcome Internet-related problems, but luckily there are some steps you can take to resolve the situation. Most of these are relatively simple, but some will take more time and money to implement. It will depend on how difficult it is for a signal to reach your garage. The options you have are:

· Using an Ethernet connection – one of the most reliable ways to extend wifi to another building is to use a cable from your router to a computer. However, you’ll have to run it under the ground to prevent damage from plants, water, and wildlife. This can be impractical but will secure your connection.

· Using an extender – you can buy an extender to boost your wifi signal so that it can reach the garage, or you can use a second router connected to your primary router. This will also boost the connection.

· Using powerline kits – this is a special setup that allows you to wirelessly connect a router and computer at a greater strength than ordinary connections.

Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages, but one of them will be the most ideal for your needs.

Getting an Upgrade

It’s no good thinking about how to get Internet in my detached garage if you don’t have the right equipment for the job. Similar to experiencing garage door lock issues or garage hard to open doors where you have to solve the problems first. Luckily, the equipment is not difficult to get right and should not take much of your time.

Generally, Internet equipment needs to be changed every few years because of the evolution of technology. Therefore, if your router is quite old then you should buy a new one before implementing any of the solutions we mentioned above.

If this is not an option for you, then you can try repositioning your existing router so that it serves your household better. That means putting it in the center of the building. Unfortunately, this won’t help it to reach the garage, so you may have to accept a trade-off between a better garage signal, and a worse home signal.

How to Extend Wifi to a Detached Garage
How to Extend Wifi to a Detached Garage

You should also make sure that the software settings are correct too, especially if you’re struggling to use the Internet in your garage. One of the common options to tweak is the frequency. Test out different ones to see whether you notice any improvements.


These are an easy way to get Internet in your garage without having to go through the hassle of altering your existing configuration. They help bridge the gap between your router and your garage. You can also chain together multiple extenders to boost the signal even further.

They do differ in terms of their quality, so you’ll want to choose one with more than one radio. That way you can make sure that the wifi signal reaches the garage from your home. You should also look out for its roaming abilities, as these types work better in garages.

Powerline Kits

These devices work by routing your wifi signal through the wires inside your home. These mean you can get a signal far more easily and from anywhere in your home, including a detached garage. All you need to do is plug one in and attach it with a cable to your router, and plug another into a power outlet in your garage.

They are relatively inexpensive and they will allow you to use the Internet within your garage. However, the distance from the main adapter and the quality of your household wiring will affect the strength of the signal.

Getting Wifi In Your Garage

There is no single solution that outperforms all of the others. Instead, you simply have to test which arrangement works best for you. Your first step should be getting a new router and testing the frequencies. After that, you can try using extenders or powerline kits. Remember to consider different garage door springs for security purposes.

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