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High Speed Roll Up Doors for Commercial & Industrial Use

Discover our high speed roll up doors for commercial and industrial applications. Durable, efficient, and secure solutions for your business's needs.

Premier Commercial High Speed Roll Up Doors in Phoenix

If your business has unique challenges around environmental control, climate sensitivity or security then our versatile high-performance high speed roll up doors are ready to work in any environment. From interior doors cutting down on energy costs, to impact-able exterior rubber doors, Applications for our doors range from exterior to interior use, withstanding the harshest climates and fit for the largest door openings.

high speed roll up doors
Advantages of High Speed Roll Up Doors

Roll Up Doors (High Speed)

  • Safe, springless operation eliminates safety concerns associated with springs: Our high-speed roll up doors ensure safety in your workspace, with a springless operation that eliminates the risks associated with traditional spring systems, providing peace of mind in every cycle.
  • Fast operating speed reduces air infiltration, leading to reduced energy costs: Experience enhanced efficiency with our fast-operating roll up doors, designed to minimize air infiltration and significantly reduce your energy costs.
  • Increases productivity and traffic flow due to fast-acting door functionality: Boost your facility's productivity and maintain a smooth traffic flow with our high speed roll-up doors, featuring fast-acting functionality that keeps your operations moving without delay.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Invest with confidence in our high-speed roll-up doors, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing long-term reliability and performance for your business.
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Our Types of High Speed Roll Up Doors

Explore the various types of high-speed roll-up doors, detailing their unique features and applications. We provide insights into how different designs, like rapid-roll, insulated, and heavy-duty doors, cater to specific industrial and commercial needs, ensuring efficiency and safety in diverse environments.

MAXSPEED roll up door


For high-traffic and impact-prone openings, with a direct-drive motor, springless design, and heavy-duty curtain.
maxdock high speed door


For facilities requiring a low-maintenance, economical, and impact-able loading dock door.
MAXPRO high speed roll up


Perfect for lower cycle applications still requiring exceptional quality and dependable safety features.
MAXclean speed roll up garage door


Ideal for sealing interior openings, such as manufacturing facilities, food processing plants and distribution centers.
MAXseal roll up


With opening speeds of up to 48” per second, the MaxSeal™ vinyl door increases productivity while reducing energy loss.