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At On Track Garage Door Repair in Phoenix, we proudly serve every inch of the city, offering unparalleled expertise in garage door repair, maintenance and installation. Our commitment to industry leading quality, combined with our prompt, reliable service, ensures that every Phoenix homeowner enjoys the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of a top-notch garage door solution.

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About On Track Garage Door

Garage Door Excellence in Phoenix Since 1987

Welcome to On Track Garage Door, Phoenix’s premier destination for exceptional garage door repair services. Our journey began with a commitment to excellence, ensuring every garage door in Phoenix operates with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Our deep understanding of Phoenix's unique climate and its effects on garage doors enables us to provide solutions that are not only effective but also enduring. Whether it’s the intense summer heat or the occasional dust storm, our services are tailored to meet the specific challenges posed by our beloved city’s environment.

In Phoenix, where the garage door is often the main entry point to your home or business, its functionality is crucial. Our team of experts, equipped with the latest tools and techniques, is dedicated to ensuring that your garage doors are always in top condition. We take pride in our swift response and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that whether it's a simple maintenance check or a complex repair, our work reflects the spirit of excellence and resilience that Phoenix is known for. Trust On Track Garage Door to keep your doors moving smoothly, just like the bustling life of our vibrant city.

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Specific to the Phoenix area, what do the most common garage door repairs typically include?

In the Phoenix area, characterized by its hot and arid climate, the most common garage door repairs often revolve around issues exacerbated by the region's unique weather conditions. One of the primary concerns is the malfunctioning of garage door openers. The intense heat can affect the electronics within the opener, leading to operational failures. Homeowners frequently need to repair or replace circuit boards, motors, or electrical components that have been compromised by the high temperatures.

Another common repair in Phoenix involves the garage door springs. The dry, scorching climate can lead to increased wear and tear on these springs, causing them to become brittle and break. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of torsion or extension springs are crucial to ensure smooth and safe garage door operation. Additionally, weather stripping and seal replacements are also prevalent. The intense sun and heat can degrade these materials over time, leading to gaps that allow dust and heat to enter the garage, impacting both the garage's internal temperature and cleanliness. Regular checks and replacements of these components help maintain the functionality and efficiency of garage doors in the Phoenix area.

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Phoenix Garage Door Experts Offering Industry Leading Service

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Industry Leading Services and Materials

Our Phoenix team at On Track Garage Door sets the industry standard with unparalleled services and top-tier materials, ensuring durability, functionality, and customer satisfaction with every project.

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Reliability and Timeliness

On Track is synonymous with reliability and timeliness, consistently delivering swift, efficient garage door services and unwavering commitment to meeting our customers' needs on schedule and anywhere in Phoenix that we need to go.

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Cost Transparency

We pride ourselves on leading the industry in cost transparency, providing clear, upfront pricing without hidden fees, ensuring our customers receive honest, fair, and value-driven Phoenix garage door services.

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In the city of Phoenix, what is the typical cost for garage door repair?

In the Phoenix area, the cost to repair a garage door can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the nature of the repair, the type of garage door, the cost of replacement parts, and labor charges. As of my last update, typical repair costs in Phoenix range from around $150 to $600, with an average cost falling somewhere near the $350 mark.

Minor repairs, such as realigning sensors, lubricating moving parts, or fixing minor electrical issues, are generally at the lower end of this spectrum, often costing between $100 and $150. More significant repairs, such as replacing springs, cables, or openers, can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 or more, depending on the complexity of the job and the parts required.

The most costly repairs involve replacing panels or the entire garage door. Panel replacement can range from $250 to $800, depending on the panel type and material. A complete garage door replacement, which might be necessary if the door is extensively damaged or very old, can cost between $600 and $2,000 or more, including both the door itself and the installation labor.

It's important to note that these figures are approximate and can fluctuate based on the local market, the specific service provider, and any unique requirements of the job. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it's recommended to get quotes from several local garage door repair companies in Phoenix.

About On Track Garage Door

On Track Garage Door and Our Pride for the City of Phoenix

At On Track Garage Door, we're more than just a business in Phoenix – this city is part of who we are. I love how Phoenix is always buzzing with energy, especially when our local sports teams like the Phoenix Suns or the Arizona Cardinals are playing. It's not just about the games; it's about the community coming together. Then there are the landmarks that make Phoenix unique – Camelback Mountain and the Desert Botanical Garden are just a couple of our favorites.

Living and working here, we're constantly reminded of how Phoenix blends urban life with the beauty of nature. Places like Papago Park are perfect for unwinding after a busy day. The warm, sunny climate is a big plus too – it means we can provide our garage door services all year round without a hitch. For us, Phoenix is more than a city; it's a vibrant, dynamic place that keeps us inspired and motivated every day.

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Residential garage door repair services in Phoenix near you!

We're proud to serve the amazing residents of Phoenix, offering top-notch residential garage door repair services that have helped us build long-lasting relationships within the community. Our commitment is to provide reliable and efficient service, ensuring every Phoenix home we work with is as welcoming and secure as the families we serve.

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Commercial Garage Door Repair Phoenix Services

We take great pride in supporting the incredible businesses and business owners of Phoenix with our dependable commercial garage door repair services, building enduring relationships along the way. It's our honor to contribute to the success of these businesses, ensuring their operations run smoothly with our prompt and effective service solutions.

Since 1987, On Track has been a pivotal force in revolutionizing commercial garage door services in Phoenix. Known for installing and repairing the best commercial garage doors on the market, our reputation is built on the foundation of quality and reliability. But we don't just stop at installation; whether it's a steel roll up garage door, overhead garage doors sectional garage door, roller shutter door or high speed garage door, we ensure that each commercial garage door we fit is backed by expert service, guaranteeing longevity and optimal performance. This commitment to excellence has made us a trusted name in the industry, with businesses across Phoenix relying on our expertise to keep their operations running smoothly.

Our team of Phoenix garage door technicians sets us apart. Equipped with the right training, the right tools, and most importantly, the right attitude, they are the cornerstone of our commercial garage door services. They work diligently to ensure that every door we service operates seamlessly, providing peace of mind to business owners. This dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service means that when you choose On Track Garage Door Repair Phoenix, you're not just getting a service provider – you're gaining a partner who ensures you're always ready to do business, with garage doors that function flawlessly day in, day out.

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Popular Garage Door Questions for Phoenix Area Customers

What's the lifespan of a typical garage door in the Phoenix area?

In the harsh and hot desert climate typical of Phoenix, a standard garage door generally lasts between 15 to 30 years. The longevity largely hinges on the door's material, quality, and the consistency of maintenance it receives. Given Phoenix's extreme temperatures, regular servicing is vital to address weather-induced wear and tear, helping to extend the door's lifespan.

I live in Phoenix, how often should my garage door be serviced?

If you live in Phoenix, it's advisable to have your garage door serviced at least once a year. The city's extreme heat and dry conditions can cause faster wear and tear, especially on springs and openers, so annual check-ups can help catch issues before they become major problems.

In Phoenix, are there energy-efficient garage doors available?

For Phoenix, Arizona customers, how long does it take to install a new garage door?

In the harsh and hot desert climate typical of Phoenix, a standard garage door generally lasts between 15 to 30 years. The longevity largely hinges on the door's material, quality, and the consistency of maintenance it receives. Given Phoenix's extreme temperatures, regular servicing is vital to address weather-induced wear and tear, helping to extend the door's lifespan.

Are garage door openers worth repairing?

Garage door openers are generally worth repairing, especially if the unit is not too old and the cost of repair is significantly lower than replacement. Often, common issues like sensor misalignment, gear problems, or electrical faults can be fixed relatively easily and affordably. However, if the opener is outdated, frequently malfunctions, or if repair costs approach the price of a new unit, investing in a replacement might be more cost-effective and provide newer features and better reliability.

Outside of Phoenix?

If you're located outside Phoenix and need expert garage door services, visit one of our many Arizona locations for premier quality and customer service.


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My garage door broke at 4:50 PM and I couldn’t get my car out of the garage. Steve was there first thing at 8:00 AM the next morning. He repaired the garage door immediately! No parts needed no “new door” needed. They were timely, honest and FAIR pricing. This is the ONLY company I will ever use and recommend (and we have used several over the years!). When do you ever have a service contractor give you the bill at the end and you don’t feel taken advantage of ??? THANK YOU!

Michael B.

We had a great experience with On Track Garage Door Service. Our main tension springs broke and the next morning they sent Dale out to help and he was so nice! It was a quick fix and so thankful they were able to come out and help asap!

Amanda F.

Arrived precisely when promised, speedy diagnosis and repair, 5***** service overall. CJ was pleasant, efficient, and shared knowledge on how to keep the door operating smoothly. I would recommend this business and the technician without hesitation!