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A roll up security shutter is a type of rolling window covering made for security purposes and to block sun. They can be fitted both indoors and outdoors based on the purpose, location, and specific need for each business or home. If you want to improve the security of any location roll up security shutters are a great option for helping prevent break ins, vandalism, and even reduce sunlight from entering windows.

Certain types of businesses carry extremely valuable products and raw materials that are popular targets among burglars. Having adequate lighting, security systems, and security glass isn’t always enough to stop motivated burglars. If you have valuable items in your Phoenix area business security shutters can help allow the ease of access while you are open, but provide serious security when you are closed.

Designed for a variety of common applications, this shutter provides Raynors reliability and durability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use. Available with the widest selection of quality features and options.

Available in aluminum or stainless steel, this shutter is ideal for applications requiring unique materials or performance characteristics to meet specific design requirements.
Shutters installed on the outside of your property have a few key benefits. These include having a primary barrier between your doors and windows that prevent glass from being broken, or entry into your location. Security shutters also block the view from the sidewalk or the exterior of your business, if they can’t see it, they won’t be as motivated to break in. Shutters roll up in the morning for business but prevent the vandalism on the doors or windows over night. During the summer you can also use your shutters to provide extra shade to keep your location cooler.
Shutters installed on the interior of your location also have their own set of benefits. Clearly all shutters are designed to prevent entry, and even when they are installed inside they do just that. They also block the view into your location just like the external shutters. In addition they also move the unit inside where the mounting hardware is harder to reach, and the glass would have to be broken to get to it. This means that they would be reaching through broken glass and potentially injuring themselves. If you operate in an area that has restrictions on external commercial appearances installing the shutters inside also avoids any zoning requirements and gives you business that clean exterior look.
Depending on your location and needs you can choose between three different types of security shutter operation. You can choose between Motorized, Crank, and Manual Operation. Each have their own advantages and benefits.

Motorized security shutters offer the most convenient operation of your security measures. These are as simple as pressing a button and the shutters will open and close. These units can be equipped with manual overrides should there be an emergency or power outage.


Using a winder or crank, manual roller shutters are opened and closed by hand. This type of shutter is less expense but slightly less convenient than electric motor versions.


A tension tape is installed connected to the shutter at the top. Much like a measuring tape the shutter will want to retract back up with gentle and even pressure from the operator. It is a light amount of pressure that will be used as the shutters are meant to be operated with ease, by any adult.

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