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Our extensive line of roll up garage doors, rolling doors, and counter top shutter systems are available in a wide variety of slat types and materials that will perform dependably in the harshest and most demanding industrial environments.

Efficiency is everyone’s business, with that in mind these doors have been constructed using the most advanced designs and innovative elements which means their installation is quick and they deliver consistently smooth operation that’s worry free and provides extended durability. We also offer insulated roll up garage doors to help keep cooling and heating costs down.
Door Advantages

Roll up garage doors are a great option for many businesses and some homeowners.  Depending on the style of your property they can fit in nicely, operate easily, offer automation, save space, and are great options for inclement weather.

Simple To Open & Close

The best roll up garage doors have a very smooth and fluid like action which makes them simple and easy to open or close.  While automation is common even manual roll up garage doors are many times fitted with a spring that helps operate the door easily.

Saves Space Overhead

Traditional garage doors have a track and motor overhead where the door is stored when it is open.  This limits the overhead space in a garage or warehouse.  Roll up garage doors offer zero overhead design so owners don’t have to worry about height.

Durable Weather Protection

For Arizona keeping heat out of our properties is a priority.  Roll up garage doors can be purchased as double skinned designs with layers of insulation in the center.  This helps keep heat out of the warehouse or house and the space more comfortable.

Automation Compatible

For businesses or homeowners wanting the simplicity of automation motors can be fitted to roll up garage doors.  This makes it as easy as pressing a button to open or close the door.  To operate the door all that you need to do is simply press the button.

Doesn’t Have A Kick-Out

Roll up garage doors don’t swing out when they open or close.  This means that if a person is standing near the door or a vehicle is parked close to it the door will not hit them as it operates.  This helps avoid unnecessary damages to property and injuries to people.

Our selection of commercial roll up garage doors from C.H.I. and Raynor provide our clients the security they needs along with proven track records for durability and worry free operation. Your business deserves the best in security for the entrances and loading docks. Make sure you are ready for customer pickup and deliveries from vendors and shipping companies with roll up garage doors that operate easily every time you press the button or pull the chain.
Roll up garage doors like any type of mechanical device will be used, abused, and worn out with age and exposure to the elements. If your roll up garage door is making unusual noises, grinding on the track, or simply will not open or close it is time for repairs. It’s a best practice to avoid repairs with regular maintenance, but if your door has been damaged it will need professional repair services. Roll up garage doors are found in many retail and warehouse entryways to provide quick access. Let us help get you back on track with our roll up garage door repair.
Rugged DuraCoil rolling service doors with aluminum, steel or stainless steel slats are made to last. When you need the best, specify DuraCoil.

With a proven track record for durability, DuraShutter rolling counter shutters are ideal for retail and commercial facilities where both appearance, security, and dependability are important.
When security and visibility are primary considerations, choose our attractive rolling DuraGrille STANDARD security grille. The grille pattern, available in brick or straight, offers an unobstructed view of displays and merchandise. DuraGrille security rolling grilles offer protection against theft and vandalism – all with an attractive and contemporary look.

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