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On Track Garage Door Services

On Track has been servicing garage doors in Phoenix since 1987.
We install the best doors on the market and back them up with expert service.

Do You Have An Unbalanced Garage Door?

Automatic garage door systems are simple in concept, but the system is more complex than most give them credit for being. Any automated system with multiple moving parts needs to be calibrated from...
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Garage Door System Types

There are many different options out there when it comes to garage doors. This blog entry will be covering the pros of 3 different types of garage doors in order to help anybody who may be in the market...
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Torsion Springs 101

Torsion springs are a central component to the successful operation automatic garage door systems. While many of us utilize automatic garage door systems, few of us understand the ins and outs of how they work.
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Pros and Cons of Steel and Vinyl Garage Doors

Steel has a sleek look that is easy to maintain as steel garage doors are very easy to clean and keep up. Denting is possible with still garage doors and it can happen pretty easily.
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Garage Door Maintenance Tips for the Winter

We are in the middle of an uncharacteristically cold winter in the Phoenix area and it may get even colder as the season trots along. Cold weather has a unique effect on your automatic garage door system...
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Common Winter Time Garage Door Problems

The drop in temperature that accompanies the winter months can adversely affect the functionality of your automatic garage door system. Depending on where you live and how extreme the winter months are...
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Get Festive With A Garage Door Holiday Display

If you are the festive type, no doubt you are excited for the holiday season that is upon us. Odds are you are creating a magnificent display to express your holiday joy to the world (or your neighborhood….).
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Ensuring Garage Security Before A Vacation

It’s the holiday season which means many of us are going to be traveling and staying away from home for extended periods of time. If you are one of those people packing up to go visit family you should...
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