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When you’re searching for garage door repair, we can help!  Whether you need service at your commercial or residential property our team of highly trained garage door repair technicians quickly and accurately diagnose what’s wrong.  Then we offer affordable repair estimates, efficient work, and durable repairs.  Get your garage door back on track with our in-demand services that often are same-day appointments for the ultimate convenience.  We proudly provide our services to Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Glendale, Queen Creek, Cave Creek, Carefree, Ahwatukee, Fountain Hills, Maricopa, Peoria, Sun City, Sun Lakes, Sun City West, Surprise, and many more in Arizona.

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Our residential garage door repair service gets you back on track. Whether you have broken garage door opener, garage door spring, garage door cable, or need a replacement garage door; we are here to help!


Commercial garage doors such as rolling steel doors, sectional doors, roll up garage doors, and security shutters are key to your business and productivity. Call for our prompt and professional services.


Residents in Maricopa can depend on the prompt, efficient, and reliable garage door repair services of On Track Garage Door. We have been proudly offering garage door repair services since 1987. We have all the tools in our mobile vans, training, knowledge and experience needed to quickly diagnose what’s wrong, and get it fixed.


Garage Door Repair is easy and starts with a simple phone call to On Track Garage Door Service at 480-641-2301 Our repair service is prompt and to get your garage working quickly again. We understand the inconvenience a broken garage door is, so we send a technician quickly and get the repairs done fast. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Your garage door opener works with your springs to open and close your door.  They wear out over time, sensors can be misaligned, and sometimes they need to be replaced if they aren’t strong enough to lift a heavier garage door.  We repair garage door openers affordably, quickly, and professionally so they last.

One of the largest single surfaces on the facade of your home is your garage door. If yours is damaged, out of date, or simply doesn’t match the style of your home we can help! We offer a wide variety of garage door styles and offer custom garage doors in a variety of wood types and durable metal options.

Garage door springs are what does most of the heavy lifting when your garage door opens.  These springs are under high tension and are incredibly dangerous to work with.  Ensure that you call for help if one has snapped or if you suspect one is struggling.  Many people have been seriously injured by mishandling garage door springs.


Garage door cables work with your garage door springs to help lift the door.  They are made of twisted galvanized wire and are attached at the bottom corner of the garage door and run back to the counterbalancing spring.  They are also used for safety purposes to help prevent injury or damage to property in the event a garage door spring fails as retaining cables.


When your garage door repair technician arrives they will begin by inspecting the door. They note all damaged, worn, and missing parts so you know what condition your garage door is in.


After the inspection we will outline the repairs and provide a quote so you can see what it will cost to get your garage door working again. We strive to make all of our services affordable.


We will repair everything or just as much as is necessary to get your garage door system working again. Your satisfaction is our goal and we aim to make all of our services affordable, easy, convenient and fast.


We all lead busy lives and accidents happen, sometimes with your garage door. Backing or driving into your garage door happens and can cause damage that needs prompt repair. This puts your life on hold if you can’t get your vehicle out or you can’t get the garage closed. Our team of garage door repair techs will get you back on track!


Noisy doors can disrupt communication between employees and distract staff as it opens and closes. It can also annoy customers that are shopping or picking up items they have purchased. The noises coming from the doors can also be a sign that something more serious is wrong and it should be inspected and repaired immediately to avoid injuries or damage to products.


If your door is stuck open or closed it is a serious issue. If it is stuck open you have a security risk and need immediate inspection and repair. Doors that are stuck open might also suddenly close and injury employees. If the door is stuck closed, you just might be closed. It will prevent shipments from coming and going or customer’s picking up their orders.


If your doors are slow to open or close it means lost productivity and possibly annoying customers. Customers that have to wait for an unusually slow door can become frustrated and negative impressions left after everything else in the experience went well. It is critical for your doors to work quickly and smoothly to make the last interaction the best it can be.


If a forklift or other industrial warehouse tool or vehicle has ran into the garage door it can serious compromise its performance and safety. The door might simply not go up or down, or it might have a bent track. Getting doors inspected after incidents like forklift damage is important to commercial properties to help ensure that everyone is safe.

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Opener issue:

Issues with the opener not wanting to open or it does not want to close all the way, it makes a loud noise, or just want open at all.

Broken springs:

The most common problem with garage doors is the springs breaking, giving you a garage door weighing several hundred pounds that does not want to operate properly, look to see if your spring looks similar to the image above. Also, check out the prices posted above, as you may be able to get this problem fixed cheaper than previously thought.

Stuck doors:

This could end up being a broken hinge, a broken roller, or just a bad alignment in the door.

Torque conversion:

Go from a current Wayne Dalton system to a newer external system, which will consist of a heavier door to lift.

Garage door off track:

The garage door somehow was blocked as it was going either up or down, making it get off track.

Roller replacement:

To keep your garage door from sagging in different areas, and from crashing, get replacement rollers.

Weather stripping:

If the weather stripping on your garage doors wear out it will let in insects, as well as dust.

To silence a noisy garage door:

When your garage door begins to make noises, have it serviced by professionals.

Opener replacement:

If in need of an opener replacement, let us replace your old one with a top of the line one.

Replace rollers and hinges:

If your garage door rollers and/or hinges are broken, keep in mind that it is making your garage door a danger for everyone.

Panel and/or bent or damaged door:

Should you have issues with these keep in mind that we have the ability to fix, replace, or install a newer panel, or the door itself.

Crashed your car into the garage door:

We have the ability to fix, replace, or install a new panel, or a new door on your garage.

Keypads and remotes:

If you are having problems with your garage door opening and closing, we are able to replace your keypad or remote, or simply reprogram the one you currently have.

Door sagging/struts:

Your garage doors need to have struts in order to support their weight, if they are sagging it means the struts are not supporting the garage doors weight and this will shorten your garage doors life.

Garage door maintenance & Tuning:

Remember, if your garage doors are making noises, it is time for them to be serviced.

Broken or twisted cables, or if the cables are off of the drums:

If your garage doors are having any of the above symptoms it means that your doors spring is broke, leaving no more tension on its cable.

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